Lauren’s Kingdom Interactive Book

Dive into the Lauren’s Kingdom interactive book and watch the pages come to life right before your eyes! Filled with adventure for boys and girls ages 5-9, Lauren’s Kingdom teaches personal safety from a place of fun – not fear – with animations, games and surprises for kids, guided reading questions and safety activities for families, and a parent portal with important child safety tips just for parents.


Meet Lauren and Rodney, two best friends who live by the sea and love to play basketball and adventure together…but the friends each have an unsafe secret that they know needs to be told so they can stay safe from the grips of an evil babysitter and an unsafe uncle. Together, Lauren and Rodney find the courage to use their voices and learn an important lesson for kids everywhere: If you’re choking back tears and your heart’s full of fears…you know very well, it’s OK to tell.

Set in the fanciful backdrop of a young girl’s imagination, Lauren’s Kingdom features fantastical imagery and important safety lessons for children and families alike. The animated book also includes one of the Lauren’s Kids foundation’s Safer, Smarter Kids activities, encouraging children to establish a “Trusted Triangle” – three grown-up buddies they can go to when they feel unsafe, icky, or not quite right.

Hear the story read aloud or explore at your own pace…each page features animation, and the power is at your fingertips!

Features for Children & Families

Thank you to @MomOfAllCapes for this great video, showing how she shares Lauren’s Kingdom with her children!

  • Awesome animated graphics made with more than 200 textures, brought to life with movement and surprises on each page!
  • Get creative with puzzles, games, and interactive in-app features!
  • Choose read-aloud mode to hear the story read by author Lauren Book or follow the story at your own pace.
  • Turn pages manually and move back and forth through the story as you wish!

Features for Parents

  • Safer, Smarter Kids learning extension video to further personal safety lessons and information contained within the book
  • Interactive read-along mode featuring guided reading questions for parents and children to maximize safety learning
  • Guided Safer, Smarter Kids “Trusted Triangle” personal safety activity
  • Visit or to learn more personal safety tips and tools for children and families from the Lauren’s Kids foundation

“Lauren has made a beautiful book with a crucial message for kids—if something doesn’t feel right to you, speak up, and don’t be ashamed. And I hope that parents reading it to their children will remember something, too: listen.” – Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, President, Child Mind Institute

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