First Grade Curriculum

This off-the-shelf curriculum kit is designed to engage students in safety education, and give you the ability to seamlessly fit these vital lessons into your existing classroom schedule. This curriculum delivers critical safety information appropriate for first-graders, strengthening the concept that children already have the tools needed to protect themselves from any situation making them feel confused, scared, or “icky.”

In this curriculum, Buddy is an explorer and is searching for his safety tools to place in his Safety Tool Belt. To expand upon the Kindergarten curriculum, the lessons in the first grade curriculum teach safety practices, which children can use to become their own first line of defense.

To view and download the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, click here.

This Kit Includes (8 Lessons)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Parent Letters
  • USB with videos, lesson materials and parent letters (Parent letters available in Spanish and Creole)
  • Journals
  • Treasure Map Poster and Poster Clings
  • Treasure Coins
  • Center Activities
  • Scenario Cards
  • Homework Sheets
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Visual Aids
  • Florida Standards Reference Sheet


Lesson 1

  • Introduction
  • Safety Rules
  • Grown-Up Buddies
  • Trusted Triangle

Lesson 2

  • Safety Stop Sign
  • I Mean Business Voice

Lesson 3

  • Guiding Voice
  • Think, Feel, Act

Lesson 4

  • Safe and Unsafe Touches

Lesson 5

  • Safe and Unsafe Secrets

Lesson 6

  • Tattling vs. Reporting

Lesson 7

  • Strangers

Lesson 8

  • Review and Celebration

Lesson 1 Video

Curriculum Samples

To view and download sample materials from the first lesson of the 1st Grade Curriculum, click below.

To order the Safer, Smarter Kids 1st Grade Curriculum, click here.

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