Second Grade Curriculum

In this curriculum, the child is encouraged to expand their safety skills by memorizing personal information, such as their phone number and address in case of an emergency.

In the second grade curriculum, Buddy’s neighborhood is introduced and he gains new safety tools and abilities to help others. By the end of the curriculum, Buddy and his new friends discover they have “super” abilities to keep themselves and others safe.

To view and download the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, click here.

This Kit Includes (8 Lessons)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • USB with videos, lesson materials and parent letters (Parent letters available in Spanish and Creole)
  • BiFolds with Parent Letters, Journals and Activity Sheets
  • Poster and Poster Clings
  • Stickers
  • Scenario Cards
  • Cyber Learner’s Permit
  • Visual Aids
  • Florida Standards Reference Sheet


Lesson 1    

  • Introduction and Review
  • Safety Superstar Tools

Lesson 2

  • Awareness and Surroundings
  • Safety Goggles
  • Knowing your Address and Phone Number
  • Safe and Unsafe Situations

Lesson 3

  • P.L.A.N. Introduction
  • Grown-Up Buddies
  • Sequencing each step of the P.L.A.N.
  • Changes in the P.L.A.N.

Lesson 4

  • Safe and Unsafe Secrets
  • Secrets Gauge
  • Think, Feel, Act
  • Trusted Triangle
  • I Mean Business Voice

Lesson 5

  • Body Boundaries and Privacy
  • Lock and Key Token
  • Feeling Safe and Respected
  • Private Parts

Lesson 6

  • Body Boundaries and Privacy
  • Safety Barometer
  • Bullying
  • Safe Use of Cell
  • Phone Camera

Lesson 7

  • Cyber Safety
  • Guiding Voice
  • Cyber Citizen
  • Learner’s Permit

Lesson 8

  • Review of Tools Gained for Personal Power

Lesson 1 Video

Curriculum Samples

To view and download sample materials from the first lesson of the 2nd Grade Curriculum, click below.

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