We designed the Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum to teach personal safety and abuse prevention from a place of fun and not fear. As a part of the K-2 Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum, your teaching tools include a Buddy puppet. Buddy, the dog, was created to help children understand safety concepts in a comfortable and playful way, while keeping them engaged in safety learning.

Opportunities to include Buddy in your Safer, Smarter Kids lessons:

  • Reviewing scenario cards
  • Reinforcing safety concepts, tools, and vocabulary throughout the lessons
  • Extending your students’ relationship with Buddy beyond the curriculum
  • Utilizing the Lauren’s Kingdom facilitator guide and Buddy puppet to ask guiding questions and check for student comprehension
  • Encouraging your students to be more comfortable talking about all safety situations

Thank you for helping your students to be Safer, Smarter Kids!

Watch our instructional and educational Buddy puppet video:

Download assembly instructions for Buddy’s doghouse:


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