Fifth Grade Curriculum

The fifth grade curriculum builds upon and expands the concept of kid’s rights introduced in fourth grade. It provides strategies for children to identify their inner courage and make choices that can keep them safe during this challenging developmental transition from children to adolescents. Emphasis is placed on teaching children how to react to pressure from peers including, bullying and the setting of personal boundaries. Lesson 5 discusses some of the concerns that children may have as they transition to middle school and models appropriate responses, so children are armed with relatable dialogue that they can use in their everyday lives.

This Kit Includes (5 Lessons)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Parent Letters
  • USB with videos, lesson materials and parent letters (Parent letters available in Spanish and Creole)
  • Learning Logs (Big Idea and Key Vocabulary, My Turn Activity, Journal Prompt, and Building the Background Activity)
  • Poster
  • Activity Sticky Notes
  • Key Vocabulary Cards
  • Florida Standards Reference Sheet


Lesson 1

  • Introduction: Finding the Courage Within You
  • Peer Pressure

Lesson 2

  • Cyber Bullying

Lesson 3

  • Privacy

Lesson 4

  • Boundaries

Lesson 5

  • The Courage to Change

Lesson 1 Video

G5L1_SSK from Lauren’s Kids on Vimeo.

Curriculum Samples

To view and download sample materials from the first lesson of the 5th Grade Curriculum, click below.

To order the Safer, Smarter Kids 5th Grade Curriculum, click here.

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