Fourth Grade Curriculum

The fourth grade curriculum addresses safety information in a relatable child-centric backdrop to help children more clearly identify their changing needs as they become more independent. Students will join Lauren and the kids as they travel back in time to learn about the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is provided as an introduction to the Kids’ Bill of Rights and builds the framework for all of the lessons in the fourth grade curriculum. Students are introduced to the Kids’ Bill of Rights, which includes their right to Safety, Respect, a Voice, and the right to their Childhood.

This Kit Includes (5 Lessons)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • USB with videos, lesson materials and parent letters (Parent letters available in Spanish and Creole)
  • Learning Logs (Big Idea and Key Vocabulary, My Turn Activity, Journal Prompt, and Building the Background Activity)
  • Poster
  • Key Vocabulary Cards
  • Florida Standards Reference Sheet


Lesson 1

  • Kids’ Bill of Rights

Lesson 2

  • Voice: The Right To Be Heard

Lesson 3

  • Respecting Boundaries

Lesson 4

  • The Right To Be Yourself

Lesson 5

  • The Responsibilities of Your Rights

Lesson 1 Video

G4L1_SSK from Lauren’s Kids on Vimeo.

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